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HDC is a community of diverse artists that champion collaboration, movement, and social justice. We offer weekly classes as well as workshops. Our classes are offered live via Zoom, or you can join us in person in MA! An extensive On Demand library is available for members as well.

HDC has a mission of supporting social justice, empowering women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and strives to provide top notch content. HDC has a zero tolerance policy for racism, bullying, and prejudice and actively works towards building a safe and welcoming community. 

Whether you're a Dancing Queen or a Wall Flower, there's a place for you here! 



"There is nothing like a Hannah class. From cardio dance to hip hop, the choreography and energy is top notch. I always finish class feeling better than when I started. Everyone should take Hannah's classes on a regular basis!"

                            -Allison F.

"Hannah's classes are the BEST! She has so much energy and makes every student feel welcome and confident. Going to class is like going to a dance party! It is a perfect break from the stress of the world."

              -Brittany P.

"I love Hannah’s class because it is high energy with great music and choreography. Above all, her positive energy and fun class always leave me feeling happy and better equipped to handle whatever life is throwing at me. "


                       - Brenda O.

"Her high energy and fun routines remind me of why I love to dance. She’s an amazing teacher regardless of the style. Her choreography and Hip Hop classes are so much fun as she focuses on technique and story telling and her Cardio Dance & Zumba are super high energy with an array of energetic music."

        - Carolyn SR



There's no reason that exercise should be boring! Zumba uses music from around the World to get your booty shaking and your heart rate pumping!

Dance & Tone uses popular music to teach you repetitive dance routines while giving you a high dose of cardio! You will need a light set of weights for the toning portion.


Barre utilizes your own body weight to sculpt a lean strong body! The movements are inspired by Ballet, but when the movements are repetitive, it's an incredibly effective way to tone without the bulk. No Barre or Ballet training is required!

Broadway burn

This class is unique to HDC! It's a high energy dance cardio class that also incorporates full body toning (no equipment needed). The best part is the Broadway playlist!


HDC offers Choreography Tutorials in the style of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Hip Hop and African Dance!

We also host virtual Workshops with Broadway Artists and Guest Choreographers!

All tutorials and workshops are open to all dance abilities and backgrounds!


Hannah Shihdanian

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